Susan Vandermorris

Dr. Susan Vandermorris

Research Focus

My research interests are in clinical and developmental features of cognitive aging, including the relationship of neuropsychological measures to everyday functioning, and applications of neuroimaging in clinical populations.


Title Source (Journal/Book/Conference) Authors/Presenters Published On Type
Ill-defined problem solving in amnestic mild cognitive impairment: Linking episodic memory to effective solution generation Neuropsychologia Sheldon S, Vandermorris S, Al-Haj M, Cohen S, Winocur G, Moscovitch M 1423976400 Journal Article
Age differences in the association of physical activity, sociocognitive engagement, and TV viewing on face memory. Health Psychology Heisz JJ, Vandermorris S, Wu J, McIntosh AR, Ryan JD 1422334800 Journal Article
Divided attention improves delayed, but not immediate retrieval of a consolidated memory PLoS Kessler Y, Vandermorris S, Gopie N, Daros A, Winocur G, Moscovitch M 1394856000 Journal Article
Differential Contributions of Executive and Episodic Memory Functions to Problem Solving in Younger and Older Adults Journal of International Neuropsychological Society Vandermorris S, Sheldon S, Winocur G, Moscovitch M 1384491600 Journal Article
Consortium to establish a registry for Alzheimer’s disease (CERAD) Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology Vanderhill S, Strauss E, Sherman EMS 1293858000 Book Chapter
Multiple Sclerosis Brain Imaging in Behavioral Medicine and Neuropsychology Sweet LH, Vanderhill SD 1293858000 Book Chapter
Age-related differences in associative memory depend on the types of associations that are formed Neuropsychology, development, and cognition. Section B, Aging, neuropsychology and cognition Troyer AK, D'Souza NA, Vandermorris S, Murphy KJ 1293858000 Journal Article
Including persistency of impairment in Mild Cognitive Impairment classification enhances prediction of 5-year decline Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology Vandermorris S, Hultsch DF, Hunter MA, MacDonald SWS, Strauss E 1289538000 Journal Article
Self-reported cognitive inconsistency in older adults Neuropsychology, Development, and Cognition. Section B, Aging, Neuropsychology and Cognition Vanderhill S, Hultsch DF, Hunter MA, Strauss E 1277697600 Journal Article
Subvocal articulatory rehearsal during verbal working memory in multiple sclerosis Neurocase Sweet LH, Vanderhill S, Jerskey BA, Gordon NM, Paul RH, Cohen RA 1271304000 Journal Article
Subvocal articulatory rehearsal during verbal working memory in multiple sclerosis JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL NEUROPSYCHOLOGICAL SOCIETY - INS 10 Sweet LH, Vanderhill S, Jerskey BA, Gordon NM, Paul RH, Cohen RA 1265173200 Abstract
Characterization of activities of daily living in individuals with mild cognitive impairment American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry Jefferson AL, Byerly LK, Vanderhill S, Lambe S, Wong S, Ozonoff A, Karlawish JH 1199163600 Journal Article
Positive and negative network correlations in temporal lobe epilepsy Cerebral Cortex Blumenfeld H, McNally KA, Vanderhill SD, Paige AL, Chung R, Davis K, Norden AD, Stokking R, Studholme C, Novotny EJ, Zubal IG, Spencer SS 1072933200 Journal Article
Selective frontal, parietal, and temporal networks in generalized seizures NeuroImage Blumenfeld H, Westerveld M, Ostroff RB, Vanderhill SD, Freeman J, Necochea A, Uranga P, Tanhehco T, Smith A, Seibyl JP, Stokking R, Studholme C, Spencer SS, Zubal IG 1059710400 Journal Article


  • 2001: BA, Psychology (Behavioral Neuroscience), Yale University New Haven, CT, USA
  • 2004: MA, Clinical Psychology (Neuropsychology), University of Victoria Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 2009: PhD, Clinical Psychology (Neuropsychology), University of Victoria Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 2009: Internship, Clinical Psychology (Neuropsychology Track), Alpert Medical School of Brown University Providence, RI, USA

Distinctions and Awards

  • 2010: Governor General’s Gold Medal Nomination, University of Victoria
  • 2010: Summer Program in Aging, Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • 2009: Andy Farquharson Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Teaching, University of Victoria
  • 2007: Arthur Lester Benton Award, University of Victoria
  • 2006: Robert and Douglas Vickery Award, University of Victoria

Research Projects


  • 2004–2005: Predoctoral Fellowship: Physical Functioning Inconsistency and Cognitive Decline in the Elderly

    Sponsors: British Columbia Medical Services Foundation

  • 2006–2007: Health Research Fellowship: Enhancing Detection Of Those At Risk For Alzheimer Disease: Validation of an Improved Diagnostic Procedure for Mild Cognitive Impairment

    Sponsors: Michael Smith Foundation / University of Victoria

  • 2010–2012: Postdoctoral Fellowship: Differential Patterns of Problem Solving in MCI Subtypes - Cognitive, Neuroimaging, and Functional Implications

    Sponsors: Alzheimer Society of Canada, Alzheimer Society of British Columbia


Neuropsychology and Cognitive Health
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