Ada Leung

Dr. Ada Leung


Title Source (Journal/Book/Conference) Authors/Presenters Published On Type
Different neural activities support auditory working memory in musicians and bilinguals. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Alain C, Khatamian Y, He Y, Lee Y, Moreno S, Leung AWS, Bialystok E 1514782800 Journal Article
The Interplay between Auditory Attention and Working Memory Mechanisms of Sensory Working Memory: Attention and Perfomance Alain C, Arnott SR, Gillingham S, Leung AWS, Wong J 1429934400 Book Chapter
Attentional Capacity Limits Gap Detection during Concurrent Sound Segregation. Journal of cognitive neuroscience Leung AW, Jolicoeur P, Alain C 1420088400 Journal Article
Age Differences in the Neuroelectric Adaptation to Meaningful Sounds PLOS ONE Leung AWS, HE Y, Grady C,Alain C 1373083200 Journal Article
Concurrent sound perception interferes with signal detection Journal of Acoustical Society of America Alain C, Leung AWS 1333252800 Abstract
Working memory load modulates the auditory “what” and “where” neural networks Alain C, Leung AWS 1316923200 Presentation
Working memory load modulates the auditory “what” and “where” neural networks Neuroimage Leung AWS, Alain C 1301630400 Journal Article
The perception of concurrent sound objects in harmonic complexes impairs gap detection. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance Leung AW, Jolicoeur P, Vachon F, Alain C 1293858000 Journal Article
Functional gain in hemorrhagic stroke patients is predicted by functional level and cognitive abilities measured at hospital admission NeuroRehabilitation Leung AWS, Cheng SKW, Mak AKY, Leung KK, Li LSW, Lee TMC 1293512400 Journal Article
Sex-related differences in neural activities during risk taking: An fMRI study Cerebral Cortex Lee TMC, Chan CCH, Leung AWS, Fox PT, Gao JH 1254369600 Journal Article
Age-related differences in neural activities during risk taking as revealed by functional MRI. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lee TMC, Leung AWS, Fox PT, Gao JH, Chan CCH 1199163600 Journal Article
An event-related fMRI study on risk taking by healthy individuals of high or low impulsiveness. Neuroscience Letters Lee TMC, Chan CCH, Han SH, Leung AWS, Fox PT, Gao JH 1199163600 Journal Article
Regulation of human behaviours Future Neurology Lee TMC, Leung AWS, Chan CCH 1188619200 Journal Article
How do figure-like orthographs modulate visual processing of Chinese words? Neuroreport Chan CCH, Leung AWS, Luo YJ, Lee TMC 1169960400 Journal Article
Factors contributing to officers' fatigue in high-speed maritime craft operations. Applied Ergonomics Leung AWS, Chan CCH, Ng JJM, Wong PCC 1136091600 Journal Article
Visual analogue scale correlates of musculoskeletal fatigue Perceptual and Motor Skills Leung AWS, Chan CCH, Lee AHS, Lam KWH 1072933200 Journal Article
Structural stability and reliability of the Swedish occupational fatigue inventory among Chinese VDT workers. Applied Ergonomics Leung AWS, Chan CCH, He J 1072933200 Journal Article


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