Dr. Hao Luo

Research Focus

Auditory cortex activation indicating audiovisual integration during listening and reading the speakers lips
Bernhard Ross, Hao Luo
Simultaneous use of visual and auditory information when listening and seeing the speaker’s lips results in better speech understanding than listening alone. Both normal-hearing and hearing impaired listeners benefit from lipreading. Training lipreading potentially facilitates compensatory mechanisms to overcome communication deficits, which especially the elderly population experiences in noisy environments. However, the neurobiological basis of lipreading is widely unknown. Therefore, we shall investigate the effects of lipreading on auditory evoked and oscillatory cortical activity. We shall record brain activity with whole head magnetoencephalography (MEG) and localize underlying sources in auditory, visual, and multi-sensory cortices. Source activity in those identified areas will be analyzed with respect to various stimulus conditions This method will serve as an objective tool for assessing functional changes during audiovisual training and thus should help to develop efficient training programs. Moreover, we shall gain the basic knowledge about human cross-modal sensory processing.


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