Sholom Glouberman

Dr. Sholom Glouberman

Associate Scientist Kunin-Lunenfeld Applied Research Unit, Baycrest

Philosopher in Residence Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care

Adjunct Assistant Professor Department of Health Policy Management & Evaluation, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

Adjunct Professor Desautels Faculty of Management , McGill University

Research Focus

Until 1987, Dr. Glouberman was at a McGill University teaching hospital where he experienced first-hand the struggles among various forces in health care. In 1987 he went to the King's Fund in London, England where he designed and led innovative programs in leadership development. He returned to Canada in 1992 and continues to work in both countries.

In Canada he has facilitated numerous open space conferences for between 60 and 600 participants. He has designed and led leadership development programs in public and private sector organizations. In the UK he provides consultation to major teaching hospitals and a cross section of the National Health Service. Dr. Glouberman has spoken widely in Europe, North America and Australia. His recent publications are in the areas of complex systems, health in cities, and health care reform. He is currently hard at work on the history of the concepts of health and illness.

Sholom's recent projects include: Development of the International Masters Program for Health Leadership at McGill University, the establishment of the Clinamen Collaboration, a mixed group of writers on health and complexity, work on Reconnecting to Care a project at Baycrest to bring care of patients back to basics. Sholom is also working on a narrative that links the patient's perspective on surgery with the medical record.

Sholom's work is currently located on the website for The Patients' Association of Canada ( If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact Dr. Glouberman’s office at (416) 785-2500  ext. 2150, or send an email to


Title Source (Journal/Book/Conference) Authors/Presenters Published On Type
The grey zones of birth and death Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice Glouberman S 1293858000 Journal Article
Knowledge tranfer and the complex story of scurvy Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice Glouberman S 1241496000 Journal Article
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A framework for improving health in cities Journal of Urban Health Glouberman S, Gemar M, Campsie P, Miller G, Armstrong J, Newman C, Siotis A, Groff P 1136091600 Journal Article
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With Rachlis abandon Canadian Medical Association Journal Glouberman S 1072933200 Journal Article
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The psychoanalytic implications of open space events Journal of the Australian Institute of Socio-Analysis Glouberman S 1041397200 Journal Article
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Managing the care of health and the cure of disease - Part II: Integration Health Care Management Review Glouberman S, Mintzberg H 978325200 Journal Article
Towards a new perspective on Canadian Health Policy Klaru Rounds Glouberman S 974869200 Presentation
Beyond Restructuring A Collection of Papers from a King's Fund International Seminar Glouberman S 820472400 Book Chapter
New management structures at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre: identifying patient groupings Healthcare Management Forum MacTavish M, Norton P, Glouberman S 788936400 Journal Article
Wholly Romanian empire Health Service Journal Brazil R, Nicholson N, Glouberman S, Rathwell T, Enachescu D 725864400 Journal Article


  • 2010: Ph.D., Philosophy, Cornell University
  • 2010: BA, First Class Hon. Phil., McGill University

Academic Appointments

  • 2010–Present: Associate Scientist, Kunin-Lunenfeld Applied Research Unit, Baycrest
  • 2010–Present: Philosopher in Residence, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care
  • 2010–Present: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy Management & Evaluation, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
  • 2010–Present: Adjunct Professor, Desautels Faculty of Management , McGill University (Director of the International Masters Program for Health Leadership)
  • 2005–2007: Advisor , Oxford Radcliffe NHS Trust, Oxford England
  • 2003–2007: Director, International Masters Program for Health Leadership, McGill University
  • 2002–2007: Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Management, McGill University
  • 1993–2007: Philosopher in Residence, Kunin Lunenfeld Applied Research Unit, Baycrest, Toronto
  • 1992–2007: Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Health Policy Management and Evaluation, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
  • 1987–2007: Fellow and Visiting Fellow, King's Fund, London, England
  • 2001–2004: Fellow , Change Foundation
  • 2000–2003: Review Panel Member , CIHR
  • 2000–2003: Member, Ministerial Council on HIV/AIDS, Health Canada
  • 1991–2003: Advisor to Community Services, Organization in Gloucestershire
  • 1988–2003: Advisor to CEO and Senior Management of Community , Health Service in London
  • 1998–2001: Director, Health Network, Canadian Policy Research Networks
  • 1992–2001: Advisor to VP Human Resources, Health Centre, McGill University, Montreal

Research Projects


  • 2003–2007: Develop, Direct and Manage a Masters Degree program in health leadership for the faculties of Management and Medicine
    Institutions: McGill University , 2,000,000

    Annual Budget
  • 2002–2007: Designed and Facilitated Futures Scenario Workshops

    Sponsors: Government of Ontario, 200,000

  • 2006: Designed and facilitated Futures Studies and Open Space

    Sponsors: Toronto Dominion Bank Scholars Program

  • 2006: Open Space Conference
    Collaborators: Misha Glouberman

    Sponsors: York Central Hospital

    Designed with Misha Glouberman
  • 2005: Designed and facilitated Development sessions

    Sponsors: Association of Community Care Access Centres, Ontario

  • 2004: Designed and facilitated Open Space conference

    Sponsors: North York General Hospital

  • 2004: Designed and facilitated Open Space Conference

    Sponsors: Champlain District Health Council

  • 2001–2002: Conceptual Study of Urban Health

    Sponsors: Wellesley Central Health Corporation, 100,000

  • 2002: Stress on an analysis of current problems with Canadian health care systems and suggestions about new perspectives for reviewing them

    Sponsors: Research Paper for Commission on the Future of Health Services in Canada

  • 2002: A futures study of six scenarios for nursing

    Sponsors: Research Paper for the Canadian Nursing Advisory Council, 20,000

  • 2001: Conceptual study of unintentional, preventable injuries for SMARTRISK a voluntary organization dedicated to reducing such injuries , 50,000

  • 1998–2001: Designed and organized major research project to develop a new framework for health policy , 700,000

    The project traced the history and trajectory of health concepts, health policy development and implementation from the 1970s to 2000. It identified and articulated a framework for thinking about health and the future direction of health policy and tested it at venues across Canada and Europe to representatives of the entire health field. The project had multiple funding sources.
  • 1994–1995:
    Westcare was a consortium of six community hospitals in West Toronto which planned a major restructuring of its hospitals. Facilitated an Open Space conference for 550 stakeholders including representatives of all six hospitals as well as community, government and the DHC to consider how to move the ideas forward.
  • 1994: Contract, International Labour Office, Geneva
    To consider the future career paths of nurses in patient focused care hospitals and in primary and community care settings.
  • 1992–1993: Member of senior management team and head of Finance Group
    World Bank study to recommend reform of Romanian health care system. Led and managed a group of health care economists, management consultants and other finance experts to consider changes to Romanian system which is administered entirely by doctors.
  • 1991–1993:
    Collaborators: Henry Mintzberg

    Sponsors: King's Fund

    Planned and led King's Fund think tanks with Henry Mintzberg to consider new ways of thinking about health care organizations. These meetings included doctors, managers, nurses and King's Fund Fellows. London, England.
  • 1981–1987: Coordinator of planning

    Sponsors: Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal

  • 1979–1981: Consultant to Ottawa-Carleton multi-scenario strategic planning exercise
  • 2006–2011: City Life and Well-Being: The Grey Zone of Health and Illness URL
    Collaborators: Culture of Cities Centre

    Sponsors: CIHR, $1,597,016

Significant Presentations


2011 Culture of Cities Conference “The Complex History of Scurvy”

2011 Canadian Infoway, “How Patients can Contribute to EHealth Initiatives”
2011 Kingston, Ontario “How to Improve the Patient Experience and Save Money”

2011 11th Annual eHealth Summit, Muskoka, “EHealth from a Patient Perspective”

2011 Ontario Hospital Association: “From Patient Centered Care to Person Centered Care”

2011 Ontario Hospital Association: Physician Leadership “The Patient Perspective on IT”

2011 VHA Home Healthcare Annual Meeting: Why we need a Patients Association

2011 University of Montreal, “The Lalonde Report and the Social Determinants of Health”

2011 Social Work Week at Baycrest: “The Patient Perspective”

2011 Launch Event Patients’ Association of Canada, “Why a Patients’ Association?”

2011 Patient Engagement Café, Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, Ottawa

2010 The First Patients’ Choice Awards, Peterborough Ontario

2010 University of Toronto Centre for Bioethics “The Need for the Patient Voice in Bioethics”

2010 Alberta Health Services: “The Future of Primary Care in Alberta”

2010 University of Toronto –Panel: “E-Health: Will the Promise be Realized?”

2010 Major IT Suppliers Conference: “The Patients’ Perspective on the Electronic Health Record”

2010 McGill University Health Centre: “Information Communication Technology and Patients”

2010 University of Waterloo: “Simple, Complicated and Complex views of EHealth”

2010 Ontario Hospital Association program. “The Engaged Patient”

2010 What is the Patient Perspective? IMHL Class 3

2010 The Need for an Organized Patient Voice. CIHR Summit on Primary Care

2010 The Story of Scurvy and Knowledge Transfer. IMHL Class 3

2009 Open Space: International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations

2009 Hospitals in the 20th Century: Neu Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau Barcelona, Spain

2009 Improving the Health Care Experience: A Patient’s Perspective; GRIPE

2009 Future of Care in the Community, South West Ontario Community Care Access Centre

2008 Critical Care Management, Critical Care Retreat, McGill University Health Centre

2008 Public Health and Management Education, Quebec Public Health Conference

2007 Birth and Death, The Enkin Lecture, Mc Master University, Hamilton

2006 Complexity in Health Care, International Masters for Health Leadership, Mont Gabriel

2006 Performance Management in the NHS, Insight Conference
2005 Case Management, Ontario Association of Community Care Access
2005 Purchaser Provider In ther English NHS, Insight Conference, Toronto
2005 Three Big Ideas and Health, Glasgow, Scotland
2004 Chaos and Stability, Central East Health Information Partnership
2004 Concepts of Health Care, OHA Region 4 Annual Meeting
2004 Client Centred Care, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care
2004 Complexity and Health, Association of Discharge Planners
2004 Complexity in History, Keith Oatley Retirement Conference
2004 Mintzberg Conference, Chatham House
2004 Futures Workshop, Ministry of Education Ontario
2004 Nursing Futures, University of Montreal
2004 Health Governance, Carolyn Bennett Group
2004 Open Space Conference, Champlain Regional DHC
2003 Client Centred Care, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care
2003 Complex Systems, Rockefeller Foundation International Health
2003 NHS Leadership, SHA Chief Executives
2003 NHS Leadership, NHS Master Class with Henry Mintzberg
2003 Education Futures, Ministry of Education Ontario
2003 Networks Development, Area Health Network
2003 Networks Evaluation, Child Health Networks - OHA
2003 Complex Systems, Heart and Stroke Foundation
2003 Complex Systems, Ontario Assoc CCACs
2003 Education Futures, Canadian Education Assocation
2003 Health in Cities, OHA Region 3
2003 Client Centred Care, Baycrest
2003 Framework, Canada UK Exchange
2003 Fixing Complex Systems, Northwestern Ontario DHC AGM
2003 Rural & Remote Health, Northwestern Ontario DHC
2003 Framework, Canada UK Exchange
2003 Keepers, University of Toronto Sociology
2003 Health Framework, Sebastien Dupont Lecture MCH
2003 Education Futures, Ministry of Education Ontario
2003 Dept of Human Services, How Policy is Made
2003 Clinical Change Conference, Melbourne, Closing Address
2003 Clinical Change Conference, Melbourne, Keynote Address
2003 La Trobe University, Melbourne Framework Paper
2003 Australian Institute of Social Analysis Open Space Paper
2003 Obesity and Diabetes, McGill Challenge Workshop Facilitator
2003 Education Futures, Ministry of Education Ontario
2003 Framework, Champlain Regional DHC
2003 Complexity and Health, U of Ottawa Seminar in Population Health
2003 Social Justice, Ministerial Council on HIV/AIDS
2003 Romanow Report, Women's Health Council
2003 Romanow Report, U of T Lecture Series
2003 Romanow Report, Baycrest Management\
2003 Keepers, U of T Sociology Department
2002 Health in Cities, TDHC Strategic Planning Group
2002 Meeting, Ministerial Council on HIV/AIDS
2002 Health Care System, DHC Action Centre
2002 Social Justice, KLARU Research Group
2002 Client Centred Care, Interdivisional Meeting Baycrest
2002 Summarize Alzheimer's, KLARU Annual Conference
2002 3 Futures for Nursing, Nurse Leaders Group
2002 Social Science and Cities, Science and Society Lecture, Vancouver
2002 Social Science and Cities, Vancouver, Complexity and Health
2002 Framework and Reform, Durham Haliburton Kawartha & Pine Ridge DHC
2002 Urban Health, Wellesley Central Workshop on Health in Cities
2002 Framework and Reform, UK Chief Executive Study Tour
2002 Urban Health, Healthy Connecitons Conference
2002 Framework and Reform, Simcoe York District Health Council
2002 Framework and Reform, West Midlands Leadership
2002 Framework and Reform, Ont Health Providers Alliance
2002 Framework & Complexity, Canada UK Study Tour
2002 McReary Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia.
2002 Complicated and Complex Systems: What Would Successful Reform of Medicare Look Like? (Testing report to Romanow Commission presented to more than 500 people in multiple venues in Canada, Germany and the UK)
2002 Managing Demand in Health Care; to an OHA Change Foundation Think Tank.
2001 A Framework for Understanding Health Care Organizations and Systems, Centennial Faculty Celebration, Lyon France.
2001 Why Emergency Room are Overcrowded. UK Learning Set
2001 “Risk Management, Safety and Injury Prevention” SMARTRISK
2001 Policy Development in a complex environment. Delivered to Conference on Measurement for Policy Development and a series of other conferences.
2000-1999 “Towards a New Perspective on Health Policy”. A series of presentations presented to more than 3500 people over a 3 year period.
1999 The Future of Information Technology and Health. Presented to an Insight Conference and A CPRN program on health futures, with Trevor Hancock.
1998 Aristotle and Health. Delivered to Policy Conferences and in a variety of venues in Canada, UK as a test for Policy framework
1998 Population Health and Sustainable Development. Presented in many venues. An attempt to clarify the concepts and identify some policy direction.
1998 Scenarios for the Future of Health Care. OHA Conference.
1998-1990 A series of lectures and meetings with specialists throughout the health field, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, laboratory science, management, policy development etc. The most recent meetings were with health promotion researchers, geriatricians, and pharmacists.
1998 “Population Health and Health Promotion: CPRN’s Projects; Consortium of Health Promotion Researchers
1997 “La Systeme Sanitaire Britannique” Laval University, Quebec.
1997 “The Future of Long Term Care” Bob Levine Annual Lecturer, Jewish Hospital of Hope, Montreal
1997 “Complexity and the Future of Health Care”, Health Futures Conference, London.
1997 “A Framework for Understanding Health Care” CCHSE Conference Calgary Alberta
1996 “The Hospital as a Complex Organization” Hospital of the Future Conference; Montreal, Quebec.
1996 “Opportunities in Home Care”: Kelowna B.C. Associations of Health Administrators.
1996 Amsterdam, Holland. Program with Henry Mintzberg
1996 Canadian Hospital Association, Ottawa, with Henry Mintzberg
1996 How Hospitals Work”. PMI 2 programme for CMA.
1995 “Whither Health Care?” Keynote Speech ALOHA conference.
1995 “A Framework for Home Care”. Keynote Speech, INSIGHT Home Care Conference.
1995 Association of District Health Councils: Introduction to the Glouberman/Mintzberg Framework and a discussion of the future implications for DHCs in Ontario.
1995 International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations; "The Psychoanalytic Implications of an Open Space Event". London England.
1995 Human Resources in Three Types of Hospitals"; Westcare Consortium.
1995 "Organizations in Transition: Hierarchies, Silos and Networks." Westcare, HR group, Open Forum.
1995 "Major Trends in Healthcare Systems: Privatization Vs Public Payment". Presentation to Health Administration Program, University of Toronto.
1994 "Why Westcare is planning for an Integrated Hospital Network" Westcare Consortium. Queensway Hospital, Westpark Hospital, Northwestern Hospital.
1994 "The Futures of Medical Technologists" Ontario Hospital Association Convention, November 1994.
1994-93 "The Future of Nursing and the Four Faces of Health Care." European Health Management Forum. Geneva Switzerland. September 1993. Royal College of Nursing, London, May 1994.
1994-93 "The Four Faces of Health Care Organizations." Various venues in Canada and Europe including, for example, Westcare Medical Leadership, Dec 1994; Psychiatry retreat Baycrest, October 1994; the European Health Management Association. Warsaw, Poland; June 1993.
1993 "The Hospital of the Future". Ontario Hospital Association. November 1993.
1991 "Work, Value and Organization". Conference on Future Work. Templeton College, Oxford.
1991 "La système sanitaire britanique en transition". Talk given at Université de Montréal and Université Laval. October.
1991 "Using DRGs to Manage"; Conference of Working Group IV, European Federation for Medical Informatics; Institute of Electrical Engineering; London.
1991 "Managing Magistrates' Courts and Other Businesses"; Ashridge Management Centre.
1991-88 "The Nazi Manager: Managing and Caring." Various venues.
1991-88 "Chassidic Leadership: Leading in a Non-Rational World". Various venues.
1988 "Are Organizational Structures Castles in the Sky?" IHSM Conference; Chelmsford.