Yunjo Lee

Dr. Yunjo Lee

Research Focus


Title Source (Journal/Book/Conference) Authors/Presenters Published On Type
Music and Visual Art Training Modulate Brain Activity in Older Adults. Frontiers in neuroscience Alain C, Moussard A, Singer J, Lee Y, Bidelman GM, Moreno S 1546318800 Journal Article
Different neural activities support auditory working memory in musicians and bilinguals Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Alain C, Khatamian Y, He Y, Lee Y, Moreno S, Leung AWS, Bialystok E 1514782800 Journal Article
The relationship between eye movements and subsequent recognition: Evidence from individual differences and amnesia Cortex; a journal devoted to the study of the nervous system and behavior Olsen RK, Sebanayagam V, Lee Y, Moscovitch M, Grady CL, Rosenbaum RS, Ryan JD 1451624400 Journal Article
The role of relational binding in item memory: evidence from face recognition in a case of developmental amnesia The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience Olsen RK, Lee Y, Kube J, Rosenbaum RS, Grady CL, Moscovitch M, Ryan JD 1420088400 Journal Article
Broadly Tuned Face Representation in Older Adults Assessed by Categorical Perception Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance Lee Y, Smith CR, Grady CL, Hoang N, Moscovitch M 1391403600 Journal Article
Age-related dedifferentiation and compensatory changes in the functional network underlying face processing Neurobiology of Aging Burianová H, Lee Y, Grady CL, Moscovitch M 1372046400 Journal Article
Neural correlates of temporal integration in face recognition: An fMRI study NeuroImage Lee Y, Anaki D, Grady CL, Moscovitch M 1325394000 Journal Article
Face Processing Changes in Normal Aging Revealed by fMRI Adaptation Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience Lee Y, Grady CL, Habak C, Wilson HR, Moscovitch M 1301544000 Journal Article
Seeing an unfamiliar face in rotational motion does not aid identity discrimination across viewpoints Vision Research Lee Y, Habak C, Wilson HR 1270094400 Journal Article
Three cases of developmental prosopagnosia from one family: Detailed neuropsychological and psychophysical investigation of face processing Cortex Lee Y, Duchaine B, Wilson HR, Nakayama K 1249272000 Journal Article
Face perception and Prosopagnosia: Psychophysical investigation of face representation across changes in viewpoint and image size Face perception and Prosopagnosia: Psychophysical investigation of face representation across changes in viewpoint and image size Lee Y 1236229200 Book Chapter
Size-invariant but viewpoint-dependent representation of faces Vision research Lee Y, Matsumiya K, Wilson HR 1136091600 Journal Article


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