Tanya Schmah

Dr. Tanya Schmah


Title Source (Journal/Book/Conference) Authors/Presenters Published On Type
Pattern classification of fMRI data: applications for analysis of spatially distributed cortical networks Neuroimage Yourganov G, Schmah T, Churchill NW, Berman MG, Grady CL, Strother SC 1396584000 Journal Article
Visualization of Nonlinear Classification Models in Neuroimaging: Signed Sensitivity Maps Proceedings of the International Conference on Bio-inspired Systems and Signal Processing Rasmussen PM, Schmah T, Madsen KH, Lund TE, Yourganov G, Strother SC, Hansen LK 1345867200 Journal Article
Functional connectivity metrics during stroke recovery Archives of Italian Biology Yourganov G, Schmah T, Small SL, Rasmussen PM, Strother SC 1283313600 Journal Article
Comparing classification methods for longitudinal fMRI studies Neural Computation Schmah T, Yourganov G, Zemel RS, Hinton GE, Small SL, Strother SC 1262322000 Journal Article
Generative versus discriminative training of RBMs for classification of fMRI images Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems Schmah T, Hinton G, Zemel RS, Small SL, Strother SC 1257051600 Technical Paper
Generative versus discriminate RBM models for classification of fMRI images NIPS 2008 Schmah T, Hinton G, Zemel R, Small SL, Strother SC 1228712400 Abstract


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