Kelly Shen

Kelly Shen

Research Themes: Aging & Brain Health, Cognitive Neuroscience, Alzheimer's & Related Dementias, Neuroinformatics

Research Techniques: fMRI, Computational modelling, EEG, MEG, Eye-tracking

Research Focus

My research program focuses on understanding the network dynamics that underlie cognitive function in aging and dementia using a combination of behavioural, multimodal neuroimaging, and computational modelling techniques.



Title Source (Journal/Book/Conference) Authors/Presenters Published On Type
Structural architecture supports functional organization in the aging brain at a region-wise and network level Human Brain Mapping Zimmermann J, Ritter P, Shen K, Schirner M, Rothmeier S, McIntosh AR 1553745600 Journal Article
Exploring the limits of network topology estimation using diffusion-based tractography and tracer studies in the macaque cortex Neuroimage Shen K, Goulas A, Grayson DS, Eusebio J, Gati JS, Menon RS, McIntosh AR, Everling S 1553745600 Journal Article
Eye Movements Actively Reinstate Spatiotemporal Mnemonic Content. Vision (Basel, Switzerland) Wynn JS, Shen K, Ryan JD 1546318800 Journal Article
Age-related changes in the relationship between visual exploration and hippocampal activity Neuropsychologia Liu ZX, Shen K, Olsen RK, Ryan JD 1522209600 Journal Article
A multi-scale layer-resolved spiking network model of resting-state dynamics in macaque visual cortical areas PLoS Computional Biology Schmidt M, Bakker R, Shen K, Bezgin G, Diesmann M, van Albada SJ 1522209600 Journal Article
Visual Sampling Predicts Hippocampal Activity The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience Liu ZX, Shen K, Olsen RK, Ryan JD 1483246800 Journal Article
The rhesus monkey connectome predicts disrupted functional networks resulting from pharmacogenetic inactivation of the amygdala Neuron Grayson DS, Bliss-Moreau E, Machado CJ, Bennett J, Shen K, Grant K, Fair DA, Amaral DG 1459137600 Journal Article
An anatomical interface between memory and oculomotor systems Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience Shen K, Bezgin G, Selvam R, McIntosh AR, Ryan JD 1459137600 Journal Article
Identification of optimal structural connectivity using functional connectivity and neural modeling Journal of Neuroscience Deco G, McIntosh AR, Shen K, Hutchision RM, Menon RS, Everling S, Hagmann P, Jirsa VK 1438747200 Journal Article
Stable long-range interhemispheric coordination is supported by direct anatomical projections. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Shen K, Mišić B, Cipollini BN, Bezgin G, Buschkuehl M, Hutchison RM, Jaeggi SM, Kross E, Peltier SJ, Everling S, Jonides J, McIntosh AR, Berman MG 1432008000 Journal Article
Network structure shapes spontaneous functional connectivity dynamics Journal of Neuroscience Shen K, Hutchison RM, Bezgin G, Everling S, McIntosh AR 1430193600 Journal Article
Predictive saccade target selection in superior colliculus during visual search Journal of Neuroscience Shen K, Paré M 1398657600 Journal Article
A working memory account of refixations in visual search Journal of Vision Shen K, McIntosh AR, Ryan JD 1398657600 Journal Article
Auditory-prefrontal axonal connectivity in the macaque cortex: Quantitative assessment of processing streams Brain and Language 11 Bezgin G, Rybacki K, van Opstal AJ, Bakker R, Shen K, Vakorin VA, McIntosh AR, Kötter R 1395979200 Journal Article
Resting-state functional connectivity dynamics are influenced by network structure Canadian Association for Neuroscience Shen K, Hutchison RM, Bezgin G, Gati JS, Menon RS, Everling S, McIntosh AR 1365048000 Abstract
Information processing architecture of functionally defined clusters in the macaque cortex Journal of Neuroscience Shen K, Bezgin G, Hutchison RM, Gati JS, Menon RS, Everling S, McIntosh AR 1354078800 Journal Article
Anatomical connectivity supports functional community structure in macaque cortex Society for Neuroscience Shen K, Bezgin G, Hutchison RM, Gati J, Menon R, Everling S, McIntosh AR 1342670400 Abstract
Resting-state connectivity reflects underlying anatomical structure in the macaque cortex Organization for Human Brain Mapping Shen K, Bezgin G, Hutchison RM, Gati J, Menon R, McIntosh AR, Everling S 1338523200 Abstract
Neural basis of feature-based contextual effects on visual search behavior Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience Shen K, Paré M 1326258000 Journal Article
Visual working memory capacity predicts visual search efficiency Society for Neuroscience Shen K, Ryan JD, McIntosh AR 1321074000 Abstract
Investigating the role of the superior colliculus in active vision with the visual search paradigm European Journal of Neuroscience Shen K, Valero J, Day GS, Pare M 1307332800 Journal Article
Beneficial effects of the NMDA antagonist ketamine on decision processes in visual search Journal of Neuroscience Shen K, Kalwarowsky S, Clarence W, Brunamonti E, Pare M 1279684800 Journal Article
Neuronal activity in superior colliculus signals both stimulus identity and saccade goals during visual conjunction search Journal of Vision Shen K, Pare M 1195794000 Journal Article
Guidance of eye movements during visual conjunction search: Local and global contextual effects on target discriminability Journal of Neurophysiology Shen K, Pare M 1139374800 Journal Article


Distinctions and Awards

  • 2011: CIHR Fellowship Award
  • 2007: NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship

Research Projects


  • 2015–2017: Differentiating dynamic neural model profiles in neurodegenerative disease Biomarkers Across Neurodegenerative Diseases (BAND) grant
    Supervisor: AR McIntosh

    Sponsors: Alzheimers Association, Alzheimers Research UK, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research and Weston Brain Institute

  • 2017–2020: Building a Personalized Virtual Brain with Alzheimers Disease to Guide Clinical Decisions
    Supervisor: AR McIntosh

    Sponsors: BrightFocus Foundation

Curriculum Vitae


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