Takahiro Miyazaki

Dr. Takahiro Miyazaki, M.D., Ph.D.


Title Source (Journal/Book/Conference) Authors/Presenters Published On Type
Human cortical responses to slow and fast binaural beats reveal multiple mechanisms of binaural hearing Journal of Neurophysiology Ross B, Miyazaki T, Thompson J, Jamali S, Fujioka T 1413345600 Journal Article
Sound envelope encoding in the auditory cortex revealed by neuromagnetic responses in the theta to gamma frequency bands Brain Research Miyazaki T, Thompson J, Fujioka T, Ross B 1360299600 Journal Article
Synchronization of beta and gamma oscillations in the somatosensory evoked neuromagnetic steady-state response Experimental Neurology Ross B, Jamali S, Miyazaki T 1350532800 Journal Article
Interference in dichotic listening: the effect of contralateral noise on oscillatory brain networks European Journal of Neuroscience Ross B, Miyazaki T, Fujioka T 1323925200 Journal Article
Human gamma band oscillations at the interface between sensation and conscious cognition 18TH ANNUAL MEETING OF THE COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE SOCIETY Ross B, Miyazaki T, Fujioka T 1303963200 Presentation
Left and right auditory cortices contribute differently to perception of slow and fast binaural beats 18TH ANNUAL MEETING OF THE COGNITIVE NEUROSCIENCE SOCIETY Miyazaki T, Thompson J, Ross B 1303963200 Presentation
Selective Stimulation of C Fibers by an Intra-Epidermal Needle Electrode in Humans Open Pain Journal Otsuru N, Inui K, Yamashiro K, Miyazaki T, Ohsawa I, Takeshima Y, Kakigi R 1279252800 Journal Article
The effect of smoking on pain-related evoked potentials Brain Research Miyazaki T, Wang X, Inui K, Domino EF, Kakigi R 1265000400 Journal Article