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Conference Registration

Register now for Baycrest’s 29th annual Rotman Research Institute Conference: Aging and Brain Health: Prevention and Early Detection of Dementia. Be sure to register before the early bird deadline of February 15, 2019!

Sessions will cover:


  • A personal story of dementia prevention

  • Treatment of vascular conditions for dementia prevention

  • Exercise interventions for dementia prevention

  • Nutritional interventions for dementia prevention

  • Sleep interventions for dementia prevention

  • Social factors involved in dementia prevention

  • Bilingualism as a dementia prevention measure

Early detection:

  • Structural brain and functional neural biomarkers for early detection of dementia

  • Ocular biomarkers for early detection of dementia

  • Mood and cognitive biomarkers for early detection of dementia

  • Personality predictors of dementia

  • Early detection of dementia in Indigenous communities


  • Perspectives from individuals living with dementia and their caregivers

  • The Canadian and Global Innovation Ecosystem

  • Current and Future Trends in Aging and Brain Health Innovation

  • Building and Scaling a Business in Aging and Brain Health

  • Investment opportunities in Ontario and Canada

By attending this conference, participants will better be able to:

  • Understand the Canadian and global innovation ecosystem and investment opportunities

  • Hear from experts about future trends in aging and brain health innovation

  • Hear from and meet rising star innovators and influencers in the longevity sector

  • Learn about the process of turning innovative ideas into solutions with real-world impact, including how to drive, build, and scale a business in the longevity market in 2018

Conference Rates

Registration fees**   Early Bird Registration
(Before Feb. 15, 2019)
(After Feb. 15, 2019)
On-site Payment*
(After Feb. 28, 2019)
Mon/Tues/Wed March 18-20
Regular Registration $475 CDN $500 CDN $550 CDN
Fellow/Resident/Student $350 CDN $375 CDN $400 CDN

Wednesday March 20 ONLY

Regular Registration $200 CDN $225 CDN $250 CDN
Fellow/Resident/Student $125 CDN $150 CDN $175 CDN

* After February 28th, please call to confirm availability.  Any registrations received after February 28th will be processed as on-site registrations.  Spaces cannot be held without payment.

** US Dollars will be accepted and charged the appropriate exchange rate.

Who should attend?

The conference is designed for a wide range of individuals with an interest in scientific, clinical, and innovation approaches to aging and brain health in healthy older adults and those at risk of dementia. Participants at past meetings have included: researchers, clinicians, health professionals, residents, students and post-doctoral fellows, and innovators and entrepreneurs in the areas of neuroscience, neuropsychology, brain imaging, geriatrics, rehabilitation, psychiatry, family medicine, occupational therapy, kinesiology, nursing, social work, and other allied health professionals.

The addition of this year’s Innovation Day will also attract industry experts, investors, and innovation policy experts in the field of aging and brain health.

International delegates, please note we will not issue letters of invitation to obtain travel visas.

Conflict of Interest

Speakers will be requested to disclose to the audience any real or apparent conflict(s) of interest that may have a direct bearing on the subject matter of this program.

Cancellation policy

Refunds will only be made on registration cancellations received prior to February 28, 2019.  All refunds will be subject to an administrative charge of $75 ($50 for student registrations).