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Aging and Brain Health: Mental Health and Well-being – Virtual Conference Presentations

As announced previously, after careful deliberation, and based on the latest public health authority information on COVID-19, the 2020 Rotman Research Institute (RRI) conference has changed from an in-person format to an online virtual platform.

This virtual conference provides a unique opportunity to hear world-leading researchers from  a wide range of fields in the health and social sciences present on their latest findings and emerging perspectives on mental health and well-being across the lifespan.

We are pleased to announce that videos of the conference presentations are now available to conference registrants for online viewing (extended to September 30, 2020). We recommend viewing the presentations as grouped (below) into four virtual symposiums. You can download a PDF of the presentation abstracts here.

Each presentation has a comments section, which you can use to discuss the talk with other registrants and (where available) post questions for speakers. Please see the Video Description for more information.

All registrants have been emailed a username/password to access the virtual conference presentations. If you need your username/password re-sent, please email us here.

Lifelong and Intergenerational Impacts of Trauma

Virtual Session hosted by Dr. Brian Levine
view playlist 02:20:58

Dr. Jutta Lindert
University of Applied Sciences Emden Leer, Germany

Keynote Presentation
Long-Term Effects and Transgenerational Impact of the Effects of Trauma

view keynote 00:41:39

Dr. Alexandra Fiocco
Ryerson University, Canada

Full Catastrophe Aging: The Impact of Perceived Stress on Cognitive Aging and the Importance of Stress Management

view talk 00:34:31

Dr. Ruth Lanius
Western University, Canada

When Threat is Near: Overcoming Brainstem Driven Defensive Responses in PTSD

view talk 00:37:06

Dr. Joseph Gone
Harvard University, USA

Historical Trauma, Therapy Culture, and the Indigenous Boarding School Legacy

view talk 00:25:34

Mood and Cognition as Transdiagnostic Markers of Brain Health

Virtual Session hosted by Dr. Brian Levine
view playlist 01:12:19

Dr. Roger S. McIntyre
University Health Network, Canada

Keynote Presentation
The Role of Metabolics and Inflammation in Cognitive Impairment: Implications for Disease Modelling and Novel Therapeutics

view talk 00:46:19

Dr. Linda Mah
Rotman Research Institute, Canada

Prevalence of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms Across the Cognitive Spectrum and their Impact on Future Cognitive Decline

view talk 00:31:27

Dr. Gustavo Turecki
McGill University, Canada

How Pain Shapes the Brain: Impact of Child Trauma on Suicide Risk

view talk 00:40:52

Living Well in Older Age

Virtual Session hosted by Dr. Cheryl Grady
view playlist

Dr. Linda Clare
University of Exeter, UK

Keynote presentation
'Living Well' with Dementia: Social, Psychological and Environmental Influences on Well-Being for People with Dementia and Family Carers

view keynote 01:05:37

Dr. Mara Mather
University of Southern California, USA

The Arousal Hub Region in the Aging Brain

view talk 00:29:54

Dr. Donna Rose Addis
Rotman Research Institute, Canada

The Self in Dementia

view talk 00:27:03

Dr. Amanda Grenier
Rotman Research Institute, Canada

Precarity and Vulnerability: Rethinking Dementia

view talk 00:20:25

Biomedical Interventions: Beyond Medication

Virtual Session hosted by Dr. Howard Chertkow
view playlist 01:39:06

Dr. Alvaro Pascual-Leone
Harvard Medical School, USA

Keynote Presentation
Towards a Brain Health Indicator to Assess and Promote Brain Health Across the Lifespan

view keynote 00:44:31

Dr. Jed Meltzer
Rotman Research Institute, Canada

Revisiting the Theoretical Foundations of Therapeutic Brain Stimulation

view talk 00:26:17

Dr. Nir Lipsman
Sunnybrook Research Institute, Canada

Breaking Barriers with Sound: From Depression to Alzheimer's Disease

view talk 00:28:18

Dr. Jeff Daskalakis
Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, Canada

The Future of Neuromodulation for the Treatment of Depression

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