Vasily Vakorin

Dr. Vasily Vakorin


Title Source (Journal/Book/Conference) Authors/Presenters Published On Type
Spatiotemporal Dependency of Age-Related Changes in Brain Signal Variability Cerebral Cortex McIntosh AR, Vakorin V, Kovacevic N, Wang H, Diaconescu A, Protzner AB 1407211200 Journal Article
Coordinated information generation and mental flexibility: Large-scale network disruption in children with autism Cerebral Cortex Misic B, Doesburg SM, Fatima Z, Vidal J, Vakorin VA, Taylor MJ, McIntosh AR 1398398400 Journal Article
Developmental Trajectory of Face Processing Revealed by Integrative Dynamics Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience Misic B, Mills T, Vakorin VA, Taylor MJ, McIntosh AR 1396584000 Journal Article
Auditory-prefrontal axonal connectivity in the macaque cortex: Quantitative assessment of processing streams Brain and Language 11 Bezgin G, Rybacki K, van Opstal AJ, Bakker R, Shen K, Vakorin VA, McIntosh AR, K├Âtter R 1395979200 Journal Article
A Trade-off between Local and Distributed Information Processing Associated with Remote Episodic versus Semantic Memory Journal of cognitive neuroscience Heisz JJ, Vakorin V, Ross B, Levine B, McIntosh AR 1388552400 Journal Article
Exploring age-related changes in dynamical non-stationarity in electroencephalographic signals during early adolescence PLoS ONE Vakorin VA, McIntosh AR, Misic B, Krakovska O, Poulsen C, Martinu K, Paus T 1359003600 Journal Article
Spatiotemporal dependency of age-related changes in signal variability Cerebral Cortex McIntosh AR, Vakorin VA, Kovacevic N, Wang H, Diaconescu A, Protzner A 1359003600 Journal Article
Confounding effects of phase delays on causality estimation PLoS ONE Vakorin VA, Misic B, Krakovska O, Bezgin G, McIntosh AR 1358744400 Journal Article
Mapping the multi-scale information content of complex brain signals Principles of Brain Dynamics: Global State Interactions Vakorin VA, McIntosh AR 1339646400 Book Chapter
Hundreds of brain maps in one atlas: registering coordinate-independent primate neuro-anatomical data to a standard brain Neuroimage Bezgin G, Vakorin VA, van Opstal J, McIntosh AR, Bakker R 1333857600 Journal Article
Empirical and theoretical aspects of generation and transfer of information in a neuromagnetic source network Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience Vakorin VA, Misic B, Krakovska O, McIntosh AR 1320292800 Journal Article
Functional embedding predicts the variability of neural activity Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience Misic B, Vakorin VA, Paus T, McIntosh AR 1320292800 Journal Article
Extracting Message Inter-Departure Time Distributions from the Human Electroencephalogram PLoS Computational Biology Misic B, Vakorin VA, Kovacevic N, Paus T, McIntosh AR 1306987200 Journal Article
Variability of Brain Signals Processed Locally Transforms into Higher Connectivity with Brain Development Journal of Neuroscience Vakorin VA, Lippe S, McIntosh AR 1303876800 Journal Article
Complexity analysis of source activity underlying the neuromagnetic somatosensory steady-state response NeuroImage Vakorin VA, Ross B, Krakovska OA, Bardouille T, Cheyne D, McIntosh AR 1273896000 Journal Article
Exploring transient transfer entropy based on a group-wise ICA decomposition of EEG data NeuroImage Vakorin VA, Kovacevic N, McIntosh AR 1262322000 Journal Article
Confounding effects of indirect connections on causality estimation Journal of Neuroscience Methods Vakorin VA, Krakovska OA, McIntosh AR 1230786000 Journal Article
Propagation of non-harmonic wave packets in stratified media AIP Conference Proceedings Bulatov VV, Vladimirov YV, Vakorin VA 1220241600 Journal Article
The relationship between naming reaction time and functional MRI parameters in Broca's area Magnetic Resonance Imaging Cummine J, Borowsky R, Vakorin V, Bird J, Sarty G 1199163600 Journal Article
Inferring neural activity from BOLD signals through nonlinear optimization NeuroImage Vakorin VA, Krakovska OO, Borowsky R, Sarty GE 1167627600 Journal Article
Characterizing the functional MRI response using Tikhonov regularization Statistics in Medicine Vakorin VA, Borowsky R, Sarty GE 1167627600 Journal Article


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