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3560 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M6A 2E1
Phone: 416-785-2500

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Name Title Extension Room Groups Email
Dupuis, Kate 3566 Rotman kdupuis
Ahmad, Fahad Rotman fahmad
Ahmed, Rahim Volunteer Rotman rahmed
Ahsan, Zohra Volunteer Rotman zahsan
Alain, Claude Scientist 3523 1024 Rotman calain
Alain, Sam Summer student Rotman salain
Aleong, Rosanne Senior Project Manager 2905 454 Rotman raleong
Ali, Aliya Volunteer Rotman aali
Aloysius, Ryan Volunteer Rotman raloysius
Amer, Tarek Graduate Student 902 Rotman tamer
Ammari, Narmeen Rotman nammari
Anantram, Alvina Volunteer Rotman aanantram
Anderson, Adam Adjunct Scientist 416-978-1540 100 St. George Street
Rm 624
Rotman anderson
Anderson, John Graduate Student 6284 902 Rotman janderson
Anderson, Nicole Scientist 3366 758 Rotman nanderson
Antoniak, Kristen Graduate Student Rotman kantoniak
Armson, Michael Graduate Student 2826 966 Rotman marmson
Arnott, Stephen Scientific Associate 2335 1022 Rotman sarnott
Ayala, Maria Volunteer Rotman mayala
Aziz, Mariam Volunteer Rotman maziz
Aziz, Samreen Volunteer Rotman saziz
Baecker, Ron Adjunct Scientist 2074 710 Rotman rmb
Bagherzadeh, Maryam Volunteer Rotman mbagherzadeh
Baker, Stevenson Rotman swbaker
Barten, Thijs Student Rotman tbarten
Bar, Yael Lab Manager 3377 708 Rotman ybar
Beaton, Derek Postdoctoral Fellow 6587 416 Rotman dbeaton
Bekkers, Eline Student Rotman ebekkers
Belchev, Zorry Ph Student 3354 Rotman zbelchev
Bellana, Buddhika Student 902 Rotman bbellana
Bhayee, Sheffy Research Assistant Rotman sheffy.bhayee
Bialystok, Ellen Adjunct Scientist 3013 906VS Rotman ellenb
Binns, Malcolm Statistician Scientist 3594 942 Rotman mbinns
Biss, Renee 3194 Sidney Smith 600, University of Toronto Rotman rbiss
Black, Sandra Scientist 416-480-4551 SWCHSC Rotman
Bolshin, Lisa 866 Rotman lbolshin
Bowles, Ben External Collaborator 519-661-2111 x86299 UWO Rotman ben.bowles
Brisley, Barry Help Desk Technician and Image Analyst 3355 1002 Rotman, KLARU bbrisley
Britto, Stephanie OT student Rotman sbritto
Brown, Tanya Program Manager 2782 336 Rotman tbrown
Brunec, Iva Graduate Student Rotman ibrunec
Buchsbaum, Bradley Scientist 3114 956 Rotman bbuchsbaum
Burnes, David Rotman david.burnes
Cabral, Ursula Student Rotman ucabral
Callahan, Brandy Rotman bcallahan
Carlson, Alain Graduate Student 726 Rotman acarlson
Carpentier, Sarah Research Assistant 2608 348 Rotman scarpentier
Cazes, Jaime Rotman jaime
Chad, Jordan Summer Student 344 Rotman jchad
Chan, Senny Rotman SChan2
Chasteen, Alison Adjunct Scientist 416-978-3398 University of Toronto
Sidney Smith Hall
rm 4036
Rotman chasteen
Chaudry, Ali Student Rotman achaudry
Chaudry, Sara volunteer Rotman schaudry
Chedde, Shamanth Volunteer Rotman schedde
Chen, Jean fMRI Scientist 2017 1060 Rotman jchen
Chopra, Jasmine Volunteer Rotman jchopra
Chow, Conrad Volunteer Rotman cchow
Chow, Ricky Research Assistant 2895 1040 Rotman rchow
Chow, Tiffany Scientist 3459 954 Rotman tchow
Chui, Adora Research Fellow 3014 708 Rotman achui
Chu, Ronald Student 858 Rotman rchu
Clements-Cortes, Amy Senior Music Therapist/Practice Advisor - Culture, Arts and Innovation Rotman aclements
Clores, Julie Graduate Student Rotman jclores
Comishen, Michael 6064 Rotman mcomishen
Craik, Fergus I.M. Scientist 3526 944 Rotman fcraik
Cui, Naomi Volunteer Rotman ncui
Dar, Mishal Co-op Student Rotman mdar
Dawson, Deirdre Scientist 2136 756 Rotman ddawson
de Rivera, Christina Graduate Student 416-937-0552 S633A UofT Rotman christina.derivera
De Rosa, Eve Adjunct Scientist 416-978-3401 100 St. George Street
Rm 624
Rotman derosa
Der, Helen Grants Coordinator 3524 828 Rotman hder
Deschamps, Tiffany Research Assistant 3561 842 Rotman tdeschamps
Detzler, Garry fMRI Technologist 3320 BB17 Rotman gdetzler
Dey, Ayan Student 3085 966 Rotman adey
Diamond, Nick Student 3085 966 Rotman ndiamond
Dobri, Simon Rotman sdobri
Downe-Dewdney, Tristan Rotman tdowne-dewdney
Dragan, Mishelle Volunteer Rotman mishelle.dr
Dumouchelle, Brittney OT student Rotman bdumouchelle
Easson, Amanda Ph.D. Student 3139 348 Rotman aeasson
Eftekhari, Eldar Research Assistant 426 Rotman eeftekhari
Elson, Wendy fMRI Technologist 3320 fMRI Suite Rotman welson
Emrich, Stephen Graduate Student University of Toronto
1036 Rotman steve.emrich
Eusebio, John Student 6383 340 Rotman jeusebio
Evans, Kelly Rotman kelly.evans
Faber, Sarah PhD Student 338 Rotman sfaber
Fakim, Safia Volunteer Rotman sfakim
Faraji-dana, Zahra Graduate student Rotman zfaraji-dana
Farber, Shale 2836 638 Rotman sfarber
Farkhondeh, Sara Volunteer Rotman sfarkhondeh
Farooq, Yumna Volunteer Rotman yfarooq
Fatima, Zainab Graduate Student 2897 1066 Rotman zfatima
Ferber, Susanne Adjunct Scientist 416-978-1537 100 St. George Street Rotman ferber
Fernandez, Alita Research Assistant 3497 764 Rotman afernandez
Firouzian, Shahrzad Volunteer Rotman sfirouzan
Fossella, Noelle Participant Assistant 3634 822 Rotman nfossella
Fournier, Alain IT Lead & Design Engineer 3090 1014 Rotman afournier
Francois-Nienaber, Alex Summer Student Rotman afrancois-nienaber
Freedman, Morris Scientist 2444 4 West Rotman mfreedman
Gallucci, Christina Research Assistant 448 Rotman cgallucci
Gardner, Sandra Biostatistician 3352 904 Rotman sgardner
Garrett, Doug Graduate Student 6284 902 Rotman d.garrett
Gat Lazer, Sigal Volunteer Rotman sgatlazer
Geier, Kirk Research Assistant 864 Rotman kgeier
Gentles, Keeley Secretary 6545 614 Rotman kgentles
Ghahremani, Ayda Volunteer Rotman aghahremani
Gibson, Erin Ph.D. Student 3201 348 Rotman egibson
Gilboa, Asaf Scientist 2908 958 Rotman agilboa
Gillingham, Susan Graduate student 3078 936 Rotman sgillingham
Gill, Natasha Co-op student 3469 764 Rotman ngill
Glouberman, Assistant Research Assistant 2472 752A Rotman coordinator
Glouberman, Sholom Adjunct Scientist 2150 752 Rotman sholom.glouberman
Gold, Dave Graduate Student 416 735 6261 Rotman dagold
Good, Tyler Master Student 3135 340 Rotman tgood
Grady, Cheryl Scientist 3525 1064 Rotman cgrady
Greenwood, Carol Scientist 2785 740 Rotman carol.greenwood
Griffiths, John Postdoctoral Fellow 5204 330 Rotman jgriffiths
Grosbein, Haddas Research Assistant 2987 712 KLARU hgrosbein
Gulamani, Tahira External Collaborator Rotman tahira.gulamani
Guna, Roshan Manager of Research Ethics and Participation 2440 820 Rotman rguna
Harry, Robin Clinical Research Assistant 416-480-6100 x7432 Rotman robin.harry
Hasher, Lynn Scientist 2767 954 Rotman hasher
Hassan, Deena Volunteer Rotman dhassan
Hebscher, Melissa Graduate Student 3354 366 Rotman mhebscher
Hoang, Nick Research Assistant 2356 842 Rotman nhoang
Hobler, Fiona Research Analyst Rotman fiona.hobler
Hornyak, Stephanie Graduate Student 2943, York U: 416-736-2100 x.33680 860, York U: 041E Atkinson Rotman shornyak
Howard, Elizabeth Research Assistant Rotman ehoward
Huijbregts, Maria Affiliated Scientist 2677 1R13 Rotman mhuijbregts
Hyatt-Shaw, Zach 5536 Rotman zhyatt-shaw
Ibrahim, Christine Volunteer Rotman cibrahim
Ilangomaran, Dharini Research Assistant 726 Rotman dilangomaran
Iseyas, Nahid Volunteer Rotman niseyas
Iskander, Mariam Research Assistant 3435 742 Rotman miskander
Issar, Abhay Volunteer 344 Rotman aissar
Jaeger, Keren Rotman kjaeger
Jeganathan, Kristine Volunteer Rotman kjeganathan
Jokel, Regina Clinician Associate 2074 754 Rotman rjokel
Joseph, Karen Research Assistant 6106 448 Rotman kjoseph
Juman, Christopher Volunteer Rotman cjuman
Kacollja, Arber Research Assistant 3388 368 Rotman akacollja
Kalantarova, Anastasia Volunteer Rotman akalantarova
Kan, Irene Visiting Scientist Rotman ikan
Kanjilal, Chironjeev co-op student Rotman ckanjilal
Kannegiesser, Loren Research Assistant 416-480-4551 2075 Bayview Avenue, Suite A4 21 Rotman
Karachalios, Maria Lab Manager 3384 1006 Rotman mkarachalios
Kayvanrad, Mohammad Postdoctoral Fellow 6497 344 Rotman mkayvanrad
Kazmi, Mohsin Volunteer Rotman mkazmi
Khalilova, Julia Rotman gyulnara
Khatri, Nasreen Clinician Associate 3515 1004 Rotman nkhatri
Khazov, Olga Volunteer Rotman okhazov
Kim, Alice Postdoctoral Fellow 3112 914 Rotman
Kim, Ashley Administrative Secretary 3550 840 Rotman
Kirstein, Joshua Student Rotman jkirstein
Koblinsky, Noah Research Assistant 3363 742 Rotman nkoblinsky
Kocsis, Zsuzsanna Rotman zkocsis
Koh, Samantha Rotman skoh
Koller, Kathryn Graduate Student 764 Rotman kkoller
Korostil, Michele Graduate Student 2254 338 Rotman michele.korostil
Kurczek, Jake Postdoctoral Fellow 3413 724 Rotman jkurczek
Kuypers, Meggie Volunteer Rotman mkuypers
Kwan, Donna Rotman d5kwan
Köhler, Stefan Adjunct Scientist 3061 910 VS Rotman stefank
Lahan, Shany Volunteer Rotman shany.lahan
Lam, Timothy Researcher Rotman timothyk.lam
Lass, Jordan 3808 930 Rotman jlass
Lawrence, Ella Co-op Student Rotman elawrence
Lazarus, Jean Director, Research Operations 2190 832 KLARU, Rotman jlazarus
Lee, Dan 416-978-1540 Rotman d23lee
Lee, Jennifer Administrative Assistant 3642 826 Rotman jlee
Levesque, Laryssa Research Assistant 3100 964 Rotman llevesque
Levine, Brian Scientist 3593 938 Rotman blevine
Levy, Yarden Summer Student 3084 Rotman ylevy
Liang, Shuai Application Developer 6374 418 Rotman sliang
LIao, Songman Rotman sliao
Li, Catherine Student Rotman cli
Li, Kathy Student 416-490-9403 University of Toronto Rotman
Lin, David Co-op student 344 Rotman dlin
Lin, Polong Student 416-978-7029 University of Toronto
100 St. George Street
Room 544
Rotman polong.lin
Liu, Anastasia Volunteer Rotman aliu
Liu, Daniel Volunteer Rotman dliu
Liu, Zhongxu Postdoctoral Fellow 5049 326 Rotman zliu
Li, Yue Volunteer Rotman yueli
Loo, Corey Volunteer Rotman cloo
Lopez De Lara, Catalina Rotman catalina.lopezdelara
Luk, Jessica Student Rotman jessica.luk
Lung, Claire Volunteer Rotman clung
Maguire, Sophia Volunteer Rotman smaguire
Mahalingam, Kaljani Research Assistant 3315 742 Rotman kmahalingam
Mahatheva, Haravinth Application Developer 3372 432 Rotman hmahatheva
Mah, Linda Scientist 3365 738 Rotman lmah
Maillet, David Postdoctoral Fellow 3439 920 Rotman dmaillet
Mak, Kevin Summer Student Rotman kmak
Malhi, Simritpal Kaur Student Rotman skmalhi
Manothasan, Rajetha 716 Rotman rmanothasan
Man, Vincent Rotman
Marlatte, Hannah Student Rotman hmarlatte
Marziali, Elsa Scientist 2284 702 Rotman emarziali
Matthews, Jacob MRI Specialist 3322 fMRI Suite Rotman jmatthews
McCarthy, Jeff Rotman jmccarthy
McIntosh, Randy Scientist Rotman rmcintosh
McKelvey, Kyra Student Rotman kmckelvey
McLaughlin, Paula Graduate Student 416-736-5115 x40606 York University
4700 Keele St.
Room 217
Rotman paulamc
Medjuck, Amanda Volunteer Rotman amandamedjuck
Melo, Stacey OT student Rotman smelo
Meltzer, Jed Scientist 2117 960 Rotman jmeltzer
Mendoza, Leanne Volunteer Rotman lmendoza
Meusel, Liesel-Ann Postdoctoral fellow 3507 722 Rotman lmeusel
Mikhail, Verena Research Assistant 864 Rotman vmikhail
Misic, Bratislav Graduate Student 3135 1066 Rotman bmisic
Mitchell, Sara Neurology resident Rotman sara.mitchell
Mok, Jenkin Graduate Student Rotman jenkinm
Moore, Veronica Summer Student Rotman vmoore
Moscovitch, Morris Scientist 3132 946 Rotman momos
Moses, Sandra Adjunct Scientist 416-813-7654 x 4749 Sick Kids Rotman smoses
Moy, Sally Research Assistant 6538 442 Rotman smoy
Murphy, Kelly Psychologist 3184 401 Rotman kmurphy
Naganathan, Methuna Volunteer Rotman mnaganathan
Naglie, Gary Chief of Medicine 2073 278 Brain Health Complex Rotman gnaglie
Nalder, Emily Postdoctoral Fellow 2495 722 Rotman enalder
Nandal, Niels-Erik Volunteer Rotman nnandal
Nealy, Kyle Volunteer Rotman knealy
Nenkov, Constantine Volunteer Rotman cnenkov
Neuman, Jessica Research Associate 2997 2G02 Rotman jneuman
Newsome, Rachel Postdoctoral Fellow 6370 322 Rotman rnewsome
Ngo, Joan Rotman
Nichol, Daniel Research Assistant 352 Rotman dnichol
Nieborowska, Victoria Research Assistant - Technical (Lab Manager) 2895 1046 Rotman vnieborowska
Noly-Gandon, Alix Co-op Student Rotman anoly-gandon
Noyek, Eden Summer Student Rotman enoyek
Obes, David Student Rotman dobes
Oise, Shaily Volunteer Rotman soise
Oliva, Laura Research Assistant 2914 964 Rotman loliva
Olsen, Rosanna 3509 962 Rotman rolsen
Oud, Will Research Assistant 2836 4C03 Rotman woud
Palazzo, Jennifer Rotman jpalazzo
Paloma, Patricia Rotman ppaloma
Pangilinan, Cecilia Senior Grants and Contracts Specialist 2793 830 Rotman cpangilinan
Pan, Rita Summer Student Rotman rpan
Papadopoulos, Alissa Research Assitant 3104 964 Rotman apapadopoulos
Parimoo, Shireen 902 Rotman sparimoo
Parker, Nadine Graduate Student 926 Rotman nparker
Park, Haley Volunteer Rotman hpark
Patel, Ronak Graduate Student Rotman ronak.patel
Patel, khushi Volunteer Rotman kpatel
Patel, Mansi Volunteer Rotman mansih.patel
Patel, Yash Graduate Student 2148 1012 Rotman ypatel
Paus, Tomáš Scientist 3505 1028 Rotman tpaus
Peng, Jiaxin Graduate Student 3623 936 Rotman jpeng
Pereira, Vanessa OT student Rotman vpereira
Petrican, Raluca Fellow 5166 930 Rotman rpetrican
Petryschuk, Jennifer Volunteer Rotman jpetryschuk
Pichora-Fuller, Kathy Scientist Rotman k.pichora.fuller
Podolak, Olivia Rotman opodolak
Pontes, Vanessa Volunteer Rotman vpontes
Prati, Mark Application Developer 418 Rotman mprati
Pshonyak, Iryna Rotman PshonyakI
Pugh, Brad Rotman b.pugh
Raamana, Pradeep Postdoctoral Fellow 6408 416 Rotman praamana
Rabin, Jennifer Graduate Student 2938 858 Rotman jsrabin
Rabi, Rachel Postdoctoral Fellow 3438 706 Rotman rrabi
Ragot, Don Summer Student Rotman dragot
Rai, Yesh Summer Student Rotman yrai
Rajaram, Ryan Research Assistant 416-480-6100 x3185 Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre Rotman ryan.rajaram
Rak, Stephanie Volunteer Rotman srak
Ray, Colleen Rotman cray
Rezvani, Amir Volunteer Rotman arezvani
Rieck, Jenny Postdoctoral Fellow 3595 920 Rotman jrieck
Robertson, Ian Adjunct Scientist 353-1-608 2684 School of Psychology Rotman ian.robertson
Robin, Jessica Graduate Student 3547 (unofficial) 916 Rotman jrobin
Rondina, Renante Graduate student 3591 328 Rotman rrondina
Rosenbaum, Shayna Adjunct Scientist 3352 904VS Rotman srosenbaum
Ross, Bernhard Scientist 2690 1032 Rotman bross
Ryan, Jennifer Scientist 3364 1062 Rotman jryan
Sadeh, Talya Postdoctoral Fellow 5736 858 Rotman tsadeh
Saleemi, Somayya Rotman somayya
Salimpoor, Valorie Niloufar Postdoctoral Fellow 3812 1004 Rotman vsalimpoor
Sanger, Brahm Coop Student 3389 744 Rotman bsanger
Santiago, Anna Graduate Student 2556 932 Rotman asantiago
Sawczak, Caspian Student Rotman csawczak
Scarlato, Angelica Student Rotman ascarlato
Sebanayagam, Vinoja Master's student 2989 1002 Rotman vsebanayagam
Sekler, Opal Volunteer Rotman osekler
Selarka, Dhawal Graduate Student 3085 966 Rotman dselarka
Settito, Marc Rotman SettinoM
Shah-Basak, Priyanka Scientific Associate Rotman pshah-Basak
Sham, Rosalind Research Assistant 2757 450 Rotman rsham
Shams, Nasim Graduate Student 3477 420 Rotman nshams
Shanmugathas, Pirammiya (Priya) Co-op Student 744 3455 Rotman pshanmugathas
Shan, Saambavy Volunteer Rotman sshan
Sharma, Vivek Graduate Student Rotman vsharma
Sharp, Tamsin Student 932 Rotman ts7766
Shen, Dawei Fellow 3109 1040 Rotman dshen
Sheng, Bruce Volunteer Rotman bsheng
Shen, Kelly Research Associate 2425 332 Rotman kshen
Sherifi, Emilia Volunteer Rotman esherifi
Silva-Mera, Rudy Volunteer Rotman rudy.silvamera
Silverman, Bev Administrative Assistant 2957 736 Rotman bsilverman
Simons, Kelsey Scientist 3416 760 Rotman ksimons
Singer, Julia Volunteer Rotman jsinger
Sivaratnam, Gayatri Summer Student Rotman gsivaratnam
Smith, Chelsea Volunteer 842 Rotman cbsmith
Snyder, Joel External Collaborator 702-895-4692 4505 S. Maryland Parkway MS 5030 Rotman joel.snyder
Solmi, Andrea Student Rotman asolmi
Solomon, Elynor Volunteer Rotman esolomon
Spring, Robyn Lab Manager Rotman rspring
Stefanidis, Elleni Volunteer Rotman estefanidis
Stern, Naomi Student 3469 764 Rotman nstern
Strother, Stephen Scientist 2956 1058 Rotman sstrother
Stuss, Donald Scientist 2522 732 Rotman dstuss
Sujanthan, Sujeevini Student 420 Rotman ssujanthan
Sunderland, Kelly Biostatistician 2557 932 Rotman ksunderland
Szabuniewicz, Claudia Research Assistant 3434 716 Rotman cszabuniewicz
Tabatabaei, Dina Volunteer Rotman dtabatabaei
Tang, Natasha Volunteer Rotman ntang
Tang, Yi Co-op Student 5838 fMRI Suite Rotman ytang
Tan, Josephine Summer Student Rotman jtan
Teti, Selina Volunteer Rotman steti
Thotakura, Aasritha Volunteer Rotman athotakura
Tian, Tony IT Network Administrator 2709 1016 Rotman ttian
Trac, Sarina Research Assistant 442 Rotman strac
Trainor, Laurel Adjunct Scientist 905-525-9140 x23007 1280 Main St. W. Rotman ljt
Troyer, Angela 2765 425A West Wing Rotman atroyer
Truong, Linda Project Manager 2142 444 Rotman ltruong
Tsz Man Chan, Vanessa Graduate Student 3387 1040 Rotman vchan
Uthirakumaran, Abiramy 420 Rotman authirakumaran
Vandermorris, Susan Fellow 860 Rotman svandermorris
Verhoeff, Paul Scientist 2167 762 Rotman pverhoeff
Vida, Mark Postdoctoral Fellow 3644 916 Rotman mvida
Villafuerte, Joshua Graduate Student 2558 902 Rotman jvillafuerte
Wagner, Laura Scientist Rotman laura.wagner
Wang, Angela Co-op student 1036 Rotman awang
Wang, Richard Volunteer Rotman rwang
Wang, Wendy Intern 6385 422 Rotman wwang
Wang, Zheng Research assistant 3362 330 Rotman zwang
Waserman, Jordana 6523 Rotman jwaserman
Weekes-Holder, Annette Senior MRI Technologist 3321 fMRI Suite Rotman aweekes
Weeks, Jennifer Graduate Student 860 Rotman jennifer.weeks
Wianda, Elvis Graduate student 3511 1036 Rotman ewianda
Williams, Joy fMRI Technologist Rotman jwilliams
Winocur, Gordon Scientist 3592 940 Rotman gwinocur
Wong-Ribeiro, Laura Executive Assistant 2918 836 Rotman lwong-ribeiro
Wong, Angelita Ph.D. Student 3425 918 Rotman awong
Wong, Lai (Allison) Volunteer 866 Rotman lwong
Wynn, Jordana Graduate Student 3105 328 Rotman jwynn
Yang, Brent Summer Student Rotman byang
Yeung, Lok-Kin Rotman lyeung
Yu, Christine Volunteer Rotman cyu
Yuen, Nicole Student Rotman nyuen
Yuen, William Graduate student 3904 728 Rotman wyuen
Zainab, Deena Volunteer Rotman dzainab
Zaman, Shadia Rotman szaman
Zamyadi, Mojdeh Research Assistant 6383 422 Rotman mzamyadi
Zargaran, Jamal Volunteer Rotman jzargaran
Zheng, Kelly Volunteer Rotman kzheng
Zia, Muhammad Rotman mzia
Ziegler, Marilyne Research Officer/Lab Manager 416-978-7029 Rotman Rm 860 Rotman marilyne
Zimmermann, Jacqueline Graduate Student 936 Rotman jazimmermann
Zimmermann, Joelle Graduate Student 340 Rotman jzimmermann
Zylberlicht, Jessica Volunteer Rotman jzylberlicht