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Program and Speakers

Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion Conference and Workshop

Our conference will present cutting-edge research on the full spectrum of traumatic brain injury (TBI), from severe TBI and comas to mild TBI and concussions, addressing key issues related to clinical care and neuroscience research.

This conference provides a unique opportunity to bring together researchers with basic and translational scientific expertise to discuss their research programs’ latest findings that ultimately aim to enhance clinical care for patients.

Sessions will cover:

  • Neurodegenerative disease in the context of remote TBI
  • Assessment and treatment of sports concussion and blast injuries
  • Pediatric TBI and concussion
  • Sex differences
  • Neuropathology
  • Animal models
  • Multimodal neuroimaging
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prevention and policy

Each presenter will leave 5 minutes for a question & answer period immediately following their presentation.

Please note: Registrants are expected to make their own lunch arrangements for both the conference and the pre-conference workshop.

Attendees will hear from leading clinicians and researchers about the assessment and treatment of traumatic brain injury and concussion. Two workshops will run concurrently, one focused on children and another focused on adults.

Public Talk
The Rotman Research Institute’s public talk, Is There A Concussion Crisis: Traumatic Brain Injury and the Future of Hockey will feature Canadian hockey star and four-time Olympic gold medallist, Haley Wickenheiser, along with a panel discussion with other experts and researchers in the field.